Episode 5 of WTFairytale is out! What happened to Sleeping Beauty? The king got a little too friendly with her sleeping body, that’s what.

In the earlier version of the fairytale, The Little Mermaid had more to worry about than just losing her voice.

Check out episode four of What The Fairytale, a UCIrvine student film production on the truth behind classic fairytales!

Episode 3 of What The Fairytale features the story of Little Red Riding Hood! What really happened to Lil Red and the Big Bad Wolf…?

In the second episode of What the Fairytale, the earlier tale of Rapunzel has everything from needy mothers with terrible addiction problems to Princes getting their eyes gouged out and all the scandalous scenarios in between.


What The Fairytale is a web series about your favorite fairy tales with shocking facts about the original stories your mother would never tell you.